Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chapter 11

"You may kiss the bride."

And that's when I got my first kiss.  It was just a quick peck but it was on the lips and I must have gone red everywhere that was visible because I felt like I was on fire and Linda laughed and turned to Tommy and said, "You owe me a kiss.  Told you she'd go as red as a chili pepper."

Tommy grinned and obliged and I had a feeling that maybe he lost on purpose.  What was weird was when Sawyer leaned over and whispered, "He loses on purpose all the time."  It was like an echo of what I had been thinking.

The Justice of the Peace was a serious man that would be scary if Uncle James - and that's what he'd told me to call him and none of the other Mistering business - wasn't smiling the whole time.

"Reeve, thank you for taking the time on what I know has to be a busy day for you."

"I need to get back to the courthouse for a fact and get these papers filed."

He turned to leave and I stepped forward not sure I was doing the right thing.  "Thank you Sir."

He gave me a mildly surprised look then his face softened for just a moment and he said, "You might look like a Baffa but you got your Momma's eyes."

He nodded then turned and Uncle James and Sawyer and Tommy followed him out to the porch and then down to the small truck he'd come in.  Linda turned to me and said, "I'd stay but I need to get back because Gramps is laid up after being out all night with a cow that was having trouble. The damp isn't good for his arthritis."

"Don't worry about it.  I think Sawyer wants to try and air the house out and some stuff like that."

"Uh huh," she said with a wink.  "Now look, none of us were sure what kind of shape things were in here so Tommy's mom, some of the other Hartford wives, and I put together a couple of baskets.  We'll have a party after everyone finishes getting married and settled but things are too crazy right now."

"A party?"

"Yeah ... you know ... celebrate.  But there's things to do first then we'll have one big one.  Tommy and I weren't the first to get married and you and Sawyer won't be the last.  Davis is still trying to talk a girl around and a couple of others might just do it too.  Gramps said it might have to be until after the harvest before we can have one though."

"Linda ..."

"I know.  It's freaky and you have to get used to it.  Some of the other wives ... well ... things need to settle down a bit I guess and we're all hoping that getting the trailers set and hooked up does it.  Now about the baskets.  They're on the front porch with Sawyer's things.  You're probably starving and I know Sawyer will be pretty soon too but after I got a load of the smell ..."


Tommy called Linda's name and we both walked out onto the porch and the fresh air cleared my head.  I got hugs from Tommy and Uncle James and then they were all gone and I just stood there.  And so did Sawyer.

I turned to see him looking at the house with something fierce in his eyes.  He caught me looking and said, "We are airing this place out or sleeping in the truck."

I told him, "I'll go around and try and open what windows I can that aren't already opened but I'll start by propping the doors open.  The screen doors should keep bugs out.  Then I'll see if I can't find the cleaning stuff."

"Sounds like a plan,” Sawyer agreed.  “And I'll get started on the windows I know that are painted over.  I just gotta get my tools."

"Uh ..."


"Linda said they ... brought a basket.  She said there was some food in there and ... I didn't have breakfast.  Did you?" I finished quickly.

"Actually no.  You hungry?"

"Um ... a little?"

He grinned.  "Well I'm hungry a lot.  Maybe it would be better to eat before we get dirty."

So we went back onto the porch, found the baskets that had both made food and food in jars and cans and sat in the porch swing eating the sandwiches and chips.

Sawyer made a face.  "I've got a prejudice against them chips so if you want them ..."

"I'm not much of a chip eater either.  Tonight I'll use them as a crumble topping on ..."  I leaned over and dug around in the baskets and said, " ... on a tuna casserole.  I can cook that outside on the grill I saw out back if I have to if I can find a pan and aluminum foil in the kitchen."

Carefully Sawyer started the swing rocking.  "Linda said you can cook."

I shrugged.  "Yeah."

"She said you can cook really good."

I shrugged again.  "Yeah."



He sighed.  "You make it sound like it’s no big deal.  Linda made it sound like it is."

I started to shrug again and then stopped as it seemed doing it more than once or twice would be rude.  "I've been in the H&C track since middle school."

"H and C?"

"Hospitality and Culinary.  H&C for short.  I can cook fancy but it isn't my favorite.  I like making regular food that people don't look at funny."

He gave a surprised laugh.  "Well you won't have trouble with anyone looking at food funny up here.  We like to eat regular."

"Good.  I like to cook regular.  But not in a dirty kitchen."  I shuddered.  "After the windows I'll look and see what kind of cleaning supplies there are.  And I'll start a fire in that BBQ pit even if I don't use it for dinner so that I can boil water for dishes and stuff like that.  That'll save propane."

He jumped like a bee stung him.  "I meant to tell you.  Gramps arranged for the gas company to come out in the morning and fill the propane tank.  Uncle James just told me.  He also wants an inventory of what's in the house supply-wise so he can work things out."

I was real careful with my words when I said, "Your grandfather seems ... well ... like he has something in mind."

"Yeah.  Maybe tonight, if we aren't too tired, I'll try and explain things after we get the house so that it don't smell so bad.  Guess I'll go get those tools and get started.  You ... uh ... sure you're ok to ... uh ..."

"You don't need to be so careful Sawyer.  I'll tell you if I need to sit down for a while."

"I'll hold you to that."


  1. I like this one too, as one of my favorites. lol! since I'm a female, I get lot's of favorites... thanks!

  2. Great story Kathy Thanks