Friday, August 8, 2014

Chapter 13

Sawyer blew a big breath out and then scratched his head with both hands ... and drat him he still looked hot.

He pushed the papers away and said, "This is giving me a headache.  Worse than reading all those filings and forms when I was in County.  Geez Louise, Old Man Baffa was crazy and that's a fact.  I know he used to call the sheriff pretty regular but this is nuts.  Thinking everyone was stealing from him.  Thinking they were bugging his phones.  Thinking that they were poisoning him so they wouldn't have to pay his medical.  I can't believe he really thought something was living in his barn waiting on him to die so it could destroy the house and that the only way to stop it was to get another Baffa to come take over, like the Baffa's were the only ones that could defeat the monster ...  some crazy **** like that.  Uh, pardon my French."  He scratched his head again.  "I don't know.  This could mess things up."


"If anyone gets the idea that he wasn't of sound mind then someone could contest him signing over the house and land."

"Who would do that?  I'm the last Baffa around here right?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure ... you're definitely the only one with that surname ... but just to be on the safe side maybe we oughta just kinda put these papers someplace secure.  No need to borrow trouble by letting his issues be brought more to attention.  I'll talk to Gramps about it.  I sure don't want Delly or her husband to get ahold of this stuff."

"Surely they've had enough of being wrong.  Would they really do something like that against you?"

Sawyer shrugged.  "Delly might not but ... look, just better safe than sorry and not give people ammunition to get ideas with.  You mind?"

I handed him the papers that I'd been holding and told him, "You do what you want with them.  They really don't mean anything to me."

"What about that family Bible with all the papers and pictures in it?"

"Well that ... ok ... but later ... right now I don't know if I could absorb it.  Nobody from the family seemed to want me ... the only one I remember is that lady they said was my aunt.  Right now all those faces in those pictures are just that ... faces.  Maybe someday, but not right now."

"OK but I'm going to put it all in the same place for safe keeping.  No sense spreading everything around.  But what do you want to do with the money?"

I shrugged.  "I've never had any so I don't know.  Is there really a couple of thousand dollars in that stack?"

"Yeah.  Twenties add up when you stick one between each page of a Bible.  Like I said, the old man is crazy for a fact.  But, if you're sure, we'll set this aside for stuff we'll need from town.  You might ... uh ... you know ... girl stuff, clothes, that sort of thing."

Refusing to be embarrassed since it was the truth I said, "That makes sense but I've got some ... stuff ... that will last another month and I think we should sit down and make a budget after we find out what all we don't have and can't make do without.  Inventory, then budget, then buy."

"Yeah sounds good, and I need a few things too."  He puffed some air out and then looked all over and then fidgeted.  "Kay-Lee ... oh brother."

He was red under his dark tan and I blurted, "This about ... well ... private stuff?  In case when we decide we're done with waiting?"

All the air left him.  "Yes.  I feel like an idiot.  Just hear me out, don't chew me out for bringing it up."

"Why should I chew you out?"

"I have no idea but all the other new wives have gone ballistic the first time it gets brought up."

"I doubt Linda did."

"That's 'cause she came prepared."

"You're going to pull all of your hair out if you keep doing that."  He stopped yanking and scratching his scalp and I told him, "I'm not saying it isn't embarrassing but I think it's smart ... getting it settled up front."

Surprised he asked, "You do?"

"Yeah.  Do you have any idea how many unwanted kids are in foster care?  I didn't think about having a family too often ... you learn to try and control those kinds of thoughts or it makes you mad and sad too much of the time.  But the few times I did let myself think about it - when I wasn't laughing at myself for thinking some guy would want to even do it with me - I just knew for sure I didn't want to have a baby until I could make sure that I could take care of one.  Babies are expensive and are a lot of work.  The older they get the more expensive they are and the harder the work ... and the less people seem to want to take one on that isn't theirs.  They had a hard time even getting foster families to take me on for more than a few weeks at a time and I always made sure to be helpful and not cause problems.  So anyway, do you want me to go down to the county clinic and get the shot or what?"

"No.  I don't agree with all those chemicals and stuff.  Delly had some problems with them when she and Buttface first got married and she was sick for a while."

"Well if you don't want that it limits the options."

"Only need one.  I just need to get to the pharmacy."

"You need to ... oh.  Uh ... ok."

"So we're good on that?"

I nearly strangled on the breath I inhaled but managed to say, "Sure."  My voice was about an octave higher than it normally was but Sawyer pretended not to notice.

"And I guess the next thing we need to talk about is why Gramps is all hot to get all of us settled and on some property."


  1. This is building up nicely

  2. Woman's lot became a whole lot better in the world once the physics of reproduction became a non-taboo subject. Good for these two to get it cleared up early.