Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chapter 20

"There you are!!"

Linda's happy yell made me smile despite worrying about Sawyer being in a strange mood since the day before when he went to the bank.  When he came back from town he picked at his dinner, hardly said anything the rest of the evening and then told me to come to bed whenever I felt like it before heading out to the truck before it was barely dark.  He wasn't any better this morning and hadn't even opened up despite having drank his third cup of coffee.

Linda came over and Sawyer walked over towards his grandfather.  She looked at me and went, "Whew, what bug flew up his nose?"

"I don't know.  He's been like that since yesterday when he got back from town."

"Getting irritating?" she asked.

"No.  It's ... I don't know ... I wondered if I had done something but he came back in that mood and ... and I guess I'm kinda worried about him.  He's hardly eaten.  I don't know if he is getting sick or just what."

I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked up and there stood Sawyer.  I looked daggers at Linda but she just smiled and walked back towards Tommy and started hanging all over him.  Sawyer said, "I'm ... I've just had stuff on my mind.  Didn't mean to worry you.  And no, you didn't do anything if you're still wondering."

I shook my head.  "I don't want to be in your business but ... is there anything I can do to help?"

"No, not really."

"Um ..."  The quietly I asked, "Did they give you a hard time at the bank?"

"No.  It wasn't at the bank.  I just ran into some people I wish I hadn't."

"And they made fun of you for marrying Igor Baffa."


"It's alright Sawyer.  I mean it isn't alright that they’re picking on you I just mean it’s alright you don't have to hide it from me to be nice.  I know what people think of me."

"How do you know what happened?  I didn't say anything."

"I had kinda wondered last night but didn't want to ask because you seemed so down.  But if we are going to get through this until people get used to it and get bored and go onto the next thing that makes them feel like they are better than us then we might as well be honest about it.  I'll hang out with Linda and whoever she is with ... at least until I can figure out what I'm supposed to be doing ... and you go hang out with whoever else and ..."


"You sound like someone who doesn't want to eat their vegetables even though you know their good for you."


"Sawyer ... trust me.  Linda, Tommy, and I have had almost a life time of experience dealing with this kind of thing."

"And I haven't?!"

"You've had some and a really bad some at that ... but not a lifetime.  Please, just let us handle it ok?"

"I can't ... I mean ... believe ..."

"It isn't about running away or abandoning me or whatever is turning your head inside out.  It is just some people are jerks.  And then there are some people that know how to ignore that and some people who don't or won't.  You're the kinda person that has a hard time putting up with being picked on.  That kinda stuff just doesn't matter to me."

"Still ..."

"Still nothing.  If they think that we're trying to ignore them it will be like blood in the water to barracudas.  It will just get worse and worse.  But if you go with your grandfather they won't want to be a jerks while him and your uncles are around.  And they won't want to be too obvious with Linda and whoever she's with because they won't want to look like jerks.  Usually it is divide and conquer but this time it is we divide and they have to split their forces too which makes them weaker."

He just looked at me and then said, "We'll try it your way for a little bit but I want to know if ... someone ... gives you problems."

"Don't be a worrywort.  I'm a big girl and I've dealt with bullies for as long as I can remember."

He stood around for a moment looking like he was searching for some other solution but then sighed and pulled something out of his pocket and told me to put it down deep in my pocket since I didn't bring a purse.  "What's that?"

"What do you think it is?"

"OK, so it's money but why do you want me to hold it?  Won't you need it?"

"I've got some, that's yours.  I stopped by last night and told Gramps about what we'd found and how and I thought he was going to laugh himself sick.  He said God works in mysterious ways.  He also agreed about all them medical supplies and said if no one could get by to get them tonight we should probably tarp them over better than we've got them done right now because the weatherman is starting to see things his way."

I grinned.  "Don't check the weather channel, ask Gramps."

Sawyer was starting to relax just a little and said, "You aren't the first person to say that."  Then he sighed.  "I feel like a heel."



"Well don't.  It is a waste of energy.  You aren't hurting my feelings and in a way it makes me feel better."

"What kind of screwy logic is that?"

"You kinda got the raw in the deal here and this makes me feel that I can at least contribute something besides a bum leg and people's criticisms."

"Aw now, don't say that."

"That's how I feel.  This makes me feel like you trust me, at least a little more than you did at first.  And this is me showing I trust you because I believe you honestly feel bad about people being jerks.  But really, you don't need to feel so bad you make yourself miserable, ok?  People aren't worth it."

He did that thing with his hair and then said, "Alright.  We'll try it your way.  We'll probably cross paths a couple of times.  I got the list from Gramps.  You try and pick up ... uh ..."

"Yeah.  I've got my list too."

"Ooookay then.  Uh ...  Dang it."


"I meant to pick you up one of those disposable cell phones yesterday.  How could I have forgotten to ..."

"I'll send up smoke signals or something.  Will you go?  You're grandfather looks like he is ready and waiting on you."

"Are you ..."

"Go already."

"Uh ... there's one more thing."


"We're going to swing by Gramps' after we get everything done we can and pick up my dogs.  Do you mind?"

I tried not to wince but asked, "They don't have the same digestive issues as Mooch do they?"

He was surprised for about two seconds and then started laughing.  "No."

"OK then I guess so long as they don't think I'm a tasty snack I'll learn to get along with them."

Gramps called, "You coming or getting left behind Son?"

Sawyer ran over to his grandfather's side where he was standing with several other men and I turned to find Linda laughing.  "I didn't think he was ever going to let go.  You find out what was wrong?"

"Yeah.  Someone made fun of him marrying me.  It upset him."

"People are jerks."

"Yeah and some of the people that act like jerks would probably really surprise him.  I figure this way he doesn't have to feel so bad and we can actually get something done."

She grinned, "You bet.  Aunt Pearl has already taken the rest off and they are scouting out deals.  You can come with me if you want to."

"I want to," I said with a grin.  "So how does this place work anyway?"

"About like the farmer's market they have downtown during tourist season only bigger with less arts and craft stuff and more like a giant garage sale.  Then there are the scratch and dent booths where you can pick up some decent deals on groceries if you're careful.  First thing you need though is to get you one of these carts.  They're a little pricey but dead useful.  I even use them for hauling stuff around in the yard.



  1. Thank you and so glad you are getting those trees and limbs down. Oh free fruit how wonderful. And a pineapple start wow.
    I spent the day cleaning and moving furniture to clean some more and that caused something else to have to be moved and cleaned.

  2. Dang I am caught up on this story Please try and post a few more chapters dear lady. I am so enjoying this story!