Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 21

"You sure you don't mind pushing this stuff around?"


"And you sure no one has given you a hard time."

I shook my head.  "You're gonna get left behind if you don't hurry."

"Dang it.  Send up a smoke signal ...," he said as he hurried to catch up with his grandfather.

Linda looked at me, "You didn't tell him about them girls from school."

"Oh puh-leeze.  Like those girls can do anything but run their mouths.  Besides, they looked a little ... I don't know ... something."

"They probably got their feelings hurt because they're having to shop at the flea market instead of at the mall.  They were doing fine until they saw us and it reminded them things aren't like they used to be.  We're the ones that are married and comfortable and they’re the ones still trying to keep their heads above water."

"Linda ..."

"Yeah I know it sounds like sour grapes but seriously, what goes around comes around and they were awful snobs in school."

"I guess.  I kinda get the feeling through that people are hurting worse than I knew."

"That's because you've always been down and didn't notice when everyone else started joining you on the bottom."

"But if everyone is on the bottom it isn't the bottom anymore, just a new top."

Linda laughed.  "You always did have a strange way of looking at things."  She gave me an impulsive hug and then told asked me why I hadn't bought anything yet.  "You're gonna run out of time."

I shrugged.  "I've got a list, just haven't found anything on my list yet."

"Let me see."  I pulled the piece of paper out of my jeans pocket and handed it to her.  "Oh right.  Most of that stuff is usually on the next aisle though you might have to get some of this in town."

"Sawyer said he needed to go to town after this for a couple of quick stops."

Suddenly I got knocked into real hard and my bad foot got stepped on.  "Oh my gosh Kay-Lee are you ok?"

"I think so.  The brace took most of it."

"You twisted your leg though didn't you?  I saw the face you made."

"I'll be fine.  Let's just get out of this crowd.  This is worse than halls on the last day of school.  Gosh."

We got to the end of the aisle and she pulled me out of traffic and asked again.  "You sure you're ok?"

"Yeah.  I'll ask for a rest if I need it."


"Promise.  You're as bad as Sawyer."

"Good.  You need someone that looks after you.  I can't believe those jerks were running around like that.  Stupid County boys."

"County?  The high school?"

"Yeah.  They were here last time and caused a ruckus.  Security guards wound up having to trail them over the whole market.  Hey look, it's an Avon dealer.  Let's look."

From there we hit a booth that sold socks and underwear and I bought some for both me and Sawyer.  Linda giggled and I said, "Stop that.  It's no big deal.  I've been doing the laundry all week and know what he has and what he doesn't."

"I bet you do."


She just giggled again and all I could do was shake my head.  She was wound up and that's a fact.  But then I forgot about being irritated when I found a pair of earth shoes like the ones that I'd always wanted.  They were second hand but looked new and I was able to dicker the guy down to ten bucks if I agreed to also buy the other pair in the same size but a different color.

"Wow.  I didn't think I'd ever have one pair of these much less two.  These are the kind that the podiatrist recommended."

"A foot doctor?"  At my nod she smiled.  "Good deal Lucille.  I guess you don't really have many clothes do you."

"I need a couple of pairs of jeans but I think with all the clothes ... assuming the smell comes out ... I can piece out some stuff and I'll have more than enough."

"What about night clothes."

"Uh ..."

"Yeah, that's what I thought.  C'mon."

"Linda, I am not going to go where I think you want to go."

"Kay-Lee, don't act like an old granny.  Now C'mon."

I reluctantly let her drag me into a large booth that had lingerie on racks and hanging up.  Some of it looked like it belonged on a hooker but she pulled me passed those to another rack.  It felt like my face was on fire the entire time we were there and I nearly died when the cashier smiled and winked before handing me the bag which I quickly stuffed into my back pack.

"I cannot believe I let you talk me into ..."

"You'll live," Linda said then added, "Sawyer might not."

"Linda!"  She took off laughing and telling me to keep up.

It's when we got to the grocery aisle that we both got serious.  I had a list of things in my head that our culinary teachers had always considered absolute essentials to have in the pantry and every one of them was missing from the kitchen when I'd made the inventory.  That's where Aunt Pearl found us as I debated the price difference between vanilla extract and vanilla flavoring.

"Hi Aunt Pearl!"

"Hi yourself Linda girl.  Whatcha found?"

"Kay-Lee said her pantry is in miserable condition and she figures to start at the bottom and work her way up."  She put her arm around me and said, "Kay-Lee this is Aunt Pearl.  She's wonderful."

Wonderful is a word that Linda used sparingly and only for a few people.  I looked at Aunt Pearl and figured she must be something special.  "How do you do?"

"Fine thank you Honey. Now let me see ... that's not a bad price but I think you can beat it at the Mennonite store."

Linda explained, "It's the one that Mrs. Valdez was always going on about.  We plan on going there after we leave the flea market.  You wanna come?"

"I'll have to check and see what Sawyer wants to do."

"Hopefully he'll say yes 'cause I ain't been too impressed with what I've been seeing."

Aunt Pearl nodded.  "We'd best get over to the Farmer's market area.  Junior rang me up and he said things are going faster than he's ever seen them go."



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