Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chapter 26

"I am not sleeping in that truck.  I don't care what it takes or where it is, but it ain't going to be in that truck," Sawyer groused as he moved stuff from the front room to the kitchen.

With a smile I told him, "I thought you said you liked sleeping in your truck."

"I do smarty pants, just not all the time for days on end.  Besides we've got the dogs here now."

"What's that got to do with it?" I asked.

"They sleep outside except in really bad weather.  They'll guard what is left on the porch so I don't have to worry so much about it."

"I didn't know you were worrying," I said feeling somehow stupid to not have realized it.

Sawyer noticed and said, "It wasn't your worrying to do.  The dogs and having all those fancy boxes off the porch help too.  Don't figure on being able to do any laundry tomorrow.  Gramps said his arthritis is singing like it is really going to be a humdinger tomorrow.  I don't even think we're going to be able to get out and go to church.  The county hasn't finished clearing that washout and traffic is going to back up like crazy.  You mind?"

"Mind what?"

"Not going to church."

I shrugged.  "I only went if the foster family I was staying with went and most of them didn't."

"Well we go most of the time."  He caught me in a surprised look and he blushed.  "I know.  I need to work on my mouth.  I got out of the habit the last couple of years.  Let's just put this stuff on the table and cover it and try and finish getting the bed set up."

It had taken several days but we'd finally gotten the smell out of the house.  It was a combination of stale air, dirt, sweat, old boots, rotting junk, and a few small plumbing leaks that had been repaired but not cleaned up after that had allowed small patches wood root and mildew to appear.  In the master bedroom Sawyer had sealed and painted the plaster walls, the bead board, and chair rail plus the trim that ran around the top of the ceiling.  I took down the old antique light fixtures and washed them really good ... they were full of dust and dead flies ... so when the light came on it didn't smell like smoke or look like a haunted house anymore.  I re-hung the cleaned shades, shears, and drapes yesterday and we'd changed out some of the pieces of furniture for some that we had found upstairs in the attic and other parts of the house.

When we put the box spring and mattress on the bed and then I'd put the sheets and bedspread on it I was almost been afraid I was dreaming.


"Wow what?" Sawyer asked as he wiped a hand print off the wall where they'd brought up the mattress.

"It just looks so nice.  I can't believe we get to sleep here."

He turned to look at the room and then at me.  "You gonna get bent if I hug you?"


"Are you going to be upset if I give you a hug?"

I blushed and said, "I guess not."

"Good.  'Cause I've wanted to do this for a while.  And it isn't just because of how the room looks.  It’s about how you look when you see things.  Like how you see Tommy and Linda.  How you didn't mind shopping at the scratch-n-dent.  How you didn't throw a hissy when my dogs knocked you down."  With each sentence he took a step closer and then he was there and put his arms around me.

Not knowing what to do or say I finally said, "I had fun today."

"Me too.  I still say we should have walked the market together."

"You wouldn't have liked it."

He stepped back.  "Did someone say something?"

I snorted and said, "People always say something but your Aunt Pearl is funny how she knows how to put them in their place."

"Who was it?"

"Just some girl from school.  But Aunt Pearl basically called her a brat to her face and said we didn't have time for that kind of immaturity."

Sawyer snorted.  "Oh yeah, that must have gone over well."

I giggled.  "I know I shouldn't get so much satisfaction from it but I did.  Her face was priceless."  Then more seriously I asked, "Did you get picked on?"

"Are you kidding me?  When enough of us Hartfords get together in one place people have trouble breathing much less having enough air for bumping their gums.  Is that all you bought?" He said pointing to what I had set on the floor before finding a place to put it away.

"Yeah and some of it is yours."  I bent down to pick it up and a pain in my hip socket caught me off guard and I went all the way down to the floor.


"I'm ... I'm ok."

"You don't look it.  Here, let me ..."

"No.  Just give me a sec.  I need to stretch it out."

"Dang those dogs."

I shook my head.  "Wasn't the dogs.  When I was walking around with Linda things got really crowded then some guys from County HS started getting rowdy and I got stepped on.  It wasn't bad at the time but to keep my balance I twisted.  That's all it is."

"You got stepped on?  You didn't tell me that."

"Who doesn't get stepped on when it gets crowded?"

"Kay-Lee ..."

"I'm fine Sawyer ... really.  Just sore and tired.  I don't care if you are a Greek godlet, you have to be tired too after tossing those groceries and things around all day."

He sat on the floor beside me as I pulled things out of the bags.  I handed him his socks and underwear really quick and he just sort of stared at them and then tried to see over into the bag.  "Watcha got?"


"You got more than shoes."

"I picked up ... socks ... and stuff."

"What stuff?"

"Never mind."

He reached around me and dumped the bag and out slid the nightgown I had bought. I tried to stuff it back in the bag but he grabbed my hands and then leaned against my back but didn't lean on me.

"My turn to say wow."

"Your turn to be crazy."

"I'm already crazy, remember?"

"You can say that again."

"You gonna get bent if I kiss you?"

Slowly I said, "I guess not."


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  1. Thanks Kathy great story, I was wondering when the 1st kiss was going to happen.:)