Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chapter 27

"Go to sleep Kay-Lee."

"You sure?"

"No so stop looking at me like that.  I'm practicing restraint."


"Kay-Lee," he groaned.  "You are not making this easy."


He laughed and then groaned again before he turned out the lamp and started kissing me again.


I was limping down the back stairs to start my day and praying that the naproxen was where I left it.  Before I headed for the pills I stopped to make sure the coffee pot had kicked on.  I opened the door to check the weather and nearly came out of my skin when four beady eyes were there waiting for me.

"Stop that," I told the dogs who were winding up like a couple of overexcited five year olds.  Their tales were wagging so hard their butts were gonna knock them off the porch.

"What did they do this time?" Sawyer grumped while making a beeline for his coffee transfusion.

"I wasn't expecting them to be there at the door and now they're looking all pathetic, but they're wet.  What do I do with them?"

"Leave 'em on the porch.  I'll get them some pooch food now."

I was more than happy to do that very thing though they weren't happy when I turned and walked away.  They both whined like a couple of babies.  I hobbled to the frig and then to the stove to put in the pan of oven French toast I had set to soak the night before.  While that was baking I turned and looked at the mess that still covered the kitchen table.  First thing I needed to do was get some of the gallon jars washed out and dried.

I was in the pantry when I heard the screen bang and the dogs start snarling and someone yell.  I froze but when I heard boots running across the linoleum, the screen door slam again and then another yell and then something crack ... all while the dogs kept making a fuss ... I limp-ran to the door with the big flashlight I had bought yesterday at the flea market because of the lights not working in the pantry.

I slid almost as soon as I got onto the porch because the rain had blown during the night and we hadn't scrubbed the algae off the boards yet.  Nearly going down kept me from being plowed into and taken down by another person.  Instinct had me bring the flashlight down on the person trying to grab me and they cursed and backed off.  I didn't.  I swung and caught them in the jaw and they fell over the porch where one of the dogs started harrying him.  The other dog was snapping at someone that was trying to get in the middle of a fight that Sawyer was in with a third person.  I didn't know which way to move until the guy that had fallen off the porch got up again and tried to grab my leg.

I brought the flashlight down on his head and he was down and out.  The dog seeing this turned to help his pack mate and took the second guy down and he started screaming as they got some meat with the clothes they were ripping at.  I wanted to put my hands over my ears and do some screaming of my own.  Right as I found the courage to finally start down the porch steps the guy that by the porch came to, went to help the guy fighting off the dogs, and then they yelled at the guy that Sawyer was fighting with to just forget it and come on.

Sawyer heaved a brick from the flower bed through their windshield as they took off in the rain right as I reached his side.  Sawyer took one look at me, swore, and put an arm around me and helped me back into the kitchen.  "Did they hurt you?"

"What?  No.  Scared me but didn't hurt me.  Are you ok?"

"Yeah," he said before walking over to spit pink into the kitchen sink and pick up the phone.

"Gramps!  Three guys - I'm pretty sure one of them was Mason - were here."  I could hear him saying something on the other end.  "I don't know, it just happened.  I've got to go look.  They knocked Kay-Lee around though and ..."  There was hollering and Sawyer gave me the phone.

"Try and answer his questions while I go look around and see what they were doing.  They couldn't have been here long or the dogs would have said something sooner."

"Gramps, it's me Kay-Lee.  Sawyer says he needs to go look around outside."

"Are you ok Honey?"

"I'm ok.  But Sawyer was fighting with one of them and the inside of his mouth must be cut up because he spit blood into the kitchen sink."

"Do you know what those men looked like?"

"I don't think so, at least not much.  Things were happening so fast and the rain is coming down pretty hard.  Let's see ... the guy that Sawyer was fighting with was bigger than him.  He seemed ... I don't know ... older too for some reason but not that much older.  The ones that the dogs went after screams like a girl but that's all I know for sure because he never came into the porch light.  The one that tried to tackle me was dark blonde, smelled like a two-pack a day habit and had on a black t-shirt with some faded old rocker band picture on it.  Actually they all were dressed in dark clothes."

"James and Mark are on their way over there right now.  Don't let Sawyer take off after them."

"Uh oh."

"Did the boy already leave?"

"No.  He's cursing about his truck tires being slashed."

"Whew boy, I'd be me some kinda hot too ... am hot but we need to use some sense.  If we ain't got any proof ..."

"The one I hit is gonna have at least one goose egg.  One of them is going to be dog chewed.  I don't know about the one Sawyer was fighting with but the car they left in is going to have a brick hole through the windshield at the very least.  If that isn't proof I don't know what is."

"Well that won't hurt that's for sure.  Is that Sawyer I hear snortin' and snarlin'?"

"Yes sir.  I'll give him back the phone."

Somehow Gramps knew just what to say to get Sawyer to calm down and he stayed on the phone with him until Uncle James and Uncle Mark drove up.

Uncle James went and talked to Sawyer and Uncle Mark snapped at me, "Get that stuff put away before the Sheriff gets here.  We don't need them noticing anything.  Use some sense girl."

I started moving things and Sawyer noticed.  "What are you doing?"

Trying to put the best light on it I told him, "Your uncle thinks it would be wiser to put this stuff in the pantry before the cops get here.  Less for them to notice."

"I didn't do anything wrong," he snapped.

"Of course you didn't.  That's not the kind of noticing he's talking about.  I think he's talking about the kind of noticing your grandfather was talking about."

He grumbled and I said, "There's clean mugs in the cabinet behind you.  You all three are soaked and should get something warm inside of you.  Breakfast will be ready in just a minute."  My answer was more unintelligible grumbling but he did turn around and take down two more mugs.

I started picking up packages and taking them to the darkest end of the pantry and placing them on the shelves that could not be seen through the one window in there.  I nearly tripped twice until Uncle Mark came in and said, "Honestly, you remind me of Tommy.  Boy can't find his head half the time.  You ever heard of a light switch."

"Heard of and tried to use.  And tried new light bulbs when this one wouldn’t work.  It's not the fuse either," I added as he started to open his mouth.

"Well you’re saucy this morning."

"Almost getting clobbered by a guy twice my size does it every time.  What I'm really irked about is that his head broke my brand new flashlight.  I just bought that thing yesterday."

I moved around him and grabbed the next load trying not to let him see me wince as I was beyond stiff and sore.  I came out after sitting that load on the shelves and almost rain into Sawyer who was carrying two of the large sacks of grain and the other two men who were carrying several cases of canned foods.  With all four of us it was a much shorter job and was finished just in time as a sheriff's car pulled up.

I stayed inside to save the French toast casserole from burning and Sawyer and his uncles went out to meet the two men coming up the porch.  I looked out after a minute and saw Sawyer's face getting all puckered up and hacked off.  I grabbed the coffee pot and stuck it under his nose and asked, "Anyone need their cup refilled?"



  1. Lol I feel like its just getting good and the chapter ends.

  2. Kathy thanks for the chapter, you sure know how to keep us wanting more with every word.