Friday, August 29, 2014

Chapter 28

All three men turned to look at me as the patrol car turned around and then left the property by way of the gravel drive.  I ignored them until I heard Sawyer start to snicker.  I looked at him and just stared and he finally just broke down laughing.

In my best imitation of Mrs. Valdez's voice I said, "Hospitality is nothing more and nothing less than managing people.  If you make them comfortable and happy they are more likely to be amendable to what you need them to do."

Uncle Mark whispered, "My gawd."

Uncle James was laughing at him and Sawyer as much as he was laughing at how I'd managed the law enforcement officers.  "My gawd is right.  That was slick as cow snot.  Coffee and French toast.  You had them eating out of your hands."

"They didn't seem a bad sort, just tired of getting calls out to the Baffa place.  They reminded me of the high school’s Resource Officers.  Once I explained that Mr. Baffa wasn't here anymore and that I was really, really sorry to bother them but that I was worried that those men might go out and try and hurt someone else and cause more problems for the sheriff's department ..."  I shrugged.  "To be honest we all know they didn't really buy it, they just played along to be polite and see how much they could get out of it.  I mean they believed that something happened, it just gave them an excuse to not have to be a couple of hard cases.  What I didn't like was when they asked if Sawyer had hit me."

Uncle James snorted and said, "I do believe that got straightened out real quick.  Especially when you said how the heck could it have been Sawyer when he was fighting a bigger guy and looks worse than you do."

"Well he does.  I still don't see why they had to smile about it."

Uncle Mark snorted and said, "Because they started wondering if you had beat on Sawyer."


Sawyer laughed.  "Don't worry about it Kay-Lee.  It was funny to think that you would be able to.  Why don't you go upstairs and sit down or change or something while Uncle James and Uncle Mark and I check around things one more time."

I was just about to object that I didn't need to sit down when I realized what he really meant was that he wanted to talk to his uncles privately.  I trudged up the stairs even though it was the last thing I wanted to do at that moment and decided that changing clothes didn't sound like such a bad idea after all.  I was changed and threading a new shoe string in my dry tennis shoes when I heard a vehicle leave and then Sawyer come up the stairs.

"Uncle Mark thinks you're going to be in a snit."

"Why would he think that?"

"'Cause he thinks that modern girls don't like being excluded from men talk."

I sighed and just kept threading.  "Don't take this the wrong way Sawyer but your Uncle Mark has issues.  One, he doesn't like that I'm a Baffa.  Two, he doesn't like that a Hartford married a Baffa.  And three, there's probably a whole lotta things he don't like that has nothing to do with me being anything other than female."

Sawyer barked a laugh.  "For such short acquaintance you sure do have Uncle Mark nailed down."  He came over to where I was sitting on a stool and kneeled down and took my shoe from me and asked, "You sure you're ok?"


"You don't sound ok."

"Well I am.  But can I ask you one thing?  Who is Mason Penny and why would he be out to hurt you?"

"He's Buttface's little brother."

"Your brother in law's brother?"


"Mason is the guy that let you get in all that trouble instead of owning up to it?"


"He's a jerk."

"He is.  And worse."

"Why isn't he in jail for stealing that money?"

"He was for a couple of months but he got out for time served and overcrowding."


"You said that."

"Well he is.  What's his problem anyway?  Or is this some kind of feud?"

"Not a feud exactly," Sawyer answered as he started playing with my ankle which tickled.  I tried to pull my foot away but that seemed to only encourage him more.  "Buttface and Delly are having money problems.  I paid the rent on that garage apartment before I did anything else.  Buttface moved his brother in and Mason ain't paid 'em a lick yet from what I hear and is using a lot more ‘lectric and water than I ever did.  Now Delly is hacked at Buttface for kicking me out and not finding a way to replace that income."

"She didn't stop him," I said, finding I had a dislike of his sister even though I'd never met her.

"True but Delly, from what family gossip got said yesterday, has put Buttface on notice.  See the house is in her name and she's angry enough that she refused to let him use the house as collateral to consolidate some of his business loans.  She told him that if he could get rid of her brother than he could get rid of his and that he better hire someone that actually does something besides sit around collecting a paycheck - that he doesn't pay his bills with - to help him with the business 'cause she ain't happy about all of the economizing she is being forced to do.  I guess Buttface finally got a brain cell working because he did just that and now Mason is running through his other relatives only most of them ain't buying what he's trying to sell."

I was listening to him but I was also getting lost in the sensation of his hands messaging my foot and calf.

He got up on his knees and leaned over and asked, "That feel good?"

"Uh huh."

"Wanna see if I can make you feel better?"

For the life of me all I could do was nod.



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