Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chapter 29

It continued to rain and we were still in bed even though it was almost lunch time.

I sighed.

"What?  You tired?"

"Kinda but not really."

"Then what's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong.  Not yet.  I'm just waiting to wake up is all."


"This.  It's gotta be a dream.  Eventually I'll wake up."

He pulled me closer and then pulled the covers up higher.  "Then we just don't wake up."

"You'll get bored with that soon enough."

He gave a gruff chuckle.  "That right there tells me how little you know about men.  Honey, there are some things we never get bored of."

"If you say so."

"What?  You think you're going to get bored with this?"

I shook my head.  "Not so long as there's this part.  This just ... just being together.  I don't expect you to be like Tommy or some of that other silly stuff I've seen guys do.  But if there can just be this I think I could do this forever."

"I can handle forever," Sawyer said.


Sawyer eventually dosed off and I carefully got up and dressed and made my way down to the kitchen to quietly pull out the ingredients for pizza.

The pizza was in the oven and cooking and I was trying to reorganize the mess that had been made when we moved everything to the pantry willy-nilly when Sawyer showed up.

"What's cookin?  Smells good."


"I didn't see that we picked up pizza yesterday."

"It isn't the frozen kind.  I got a log of pepperoni at the flea market and some pizza sauce at the same booth.  And not all of those mixes we picked up at the discount warehouse were for biscuits or muffins.  There were a couple for pizza crust as well.  Won't be exactly like you can get at the Pizza Pub but it should still be ok."

"What about cheese?"

"Aunt Pearl got some at the Mennonite store and divided it amongst everyone."

"Oh."  He leaned back against the doorframe and then said, "You got up.  Was it because I went to sleep?"


"Then why?"

"I ... I guess ... look, it sounds pathetic."

"So tell me anyway."

"When you went to sleep ... I guess I just started thinking."

"About what?"

"About the fact that I'm here to make it so ... oh I don't know.  I just got up ok?"

"No.  It's not ok.  Didn't you like what we did?"

"Yes," I said turning bright red all over.  "It was ... it was too good to be true Sawyer.  Can't we just leave it at that?"

"I would if this wasn't forever but ... but it is.  You talked about forever too."

I looked at him and saw that he was honestly concerned that I might be backing out of things.  I shook my head wondering what fairytale I had fallen into.  "Sawyer how can you possibly look so hot and still be talking about forever with me?  I know you said no one bothered you about it yesterday but I'm pretty sure they were thinking it and let you know they were thinking it even if they didn't actually say anything.  And don't say they didn't because I might not know much else but I know people.  I've had lots of time I couldn't do anything else but people watch and by and large the human race pretty much sucks."

"Wow.  You're cynical."

"It keeps me out of trouble and lowers my expectations to the point of being reasonable."

"Dang girl.  You're really cynical ... sound just like I did before Gramps helped me."

I had to stop looking because Sawyer wasn't wearing a shirt and he'd crossed his arms making his muscles stand out even more.  It was giving my brain a swirly.  Trying to draw a good breath and keep my mind from remembering what we had been doing earlier I told Sawyer, "You're Gramps is different.  I don't know what kind of different he is but he is most definitely different.  Most people are the same.  They may look different but if you could crack them open to their gooey centers you find the same kind of filling ... usually the kind that everyone is disappointed they find in the box of chocolates."

"How about me?  Am I different?"

"Sawyer I can say with absolute certainty you are not only different, you are grade A crazy."

"So is that a good thing?" he said finally stepping over and getting in my space.

"It makes you dangerous and vulnerable.  It isn't the best combination," I told him honestly.  "You're going to get hurt.  And when it comes to this you're going to get hurt because of me.  I can't stand that.  And ... and I gotta figure out some way to stop it."

He walked me back against the shelves and surrounded me.  "Looks like I'm not the only one that is crazy."  Then he started kissing.

I didn't want to stop him but I pushed and said, "Sawyer, you can't ignore this."

"Which this?  This problem you have thinking that every problem I have is your fault?  Or this?" he said putting his hands in places that he seemed to like to.

"Sawyer ..."

We didn't make it out of the pantry until the timer for the pizza started dinging.  I saved it just in time.  And I had been right, it didn't taste like Pizza Pub but that didn't stop Sawyer from inhaling most of it then pretend chase me around the kitchen then back up to the bedroom where we stayed the rest of the day.