Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chapter 36

I hobbled down that direction and then heard voices only not outright fighting.  The voices I heard sounded like they were being falsely polite to each other but drawing blood every chance they got.

I came around the corner and three people had Sawyer verbally trapped.  Unless he wanted to make a scene he wouldn't be able to escape and there was a cop not too far away that seemed half way interested in what was going on.  Sawyer's sensitivity to that held me back regardless of the rights he had.

There was a really pretty young woman there that had to be Lisa, a guy that looked to be my age, and then an older man that had to be Lisa's father.  Lisa was standing there being false understanding and saying, "Sawyer, I know I hurt you.  I take responsibility for that.  But you just have to stop this.  It isn't healthy and you are going to get in trouble.  No more stalking."

The cop seemed to be getting more interested and I got involved.  "He wasn't."

Everyone looked at me, not knowing who the heck I was so I introduced myself.  "How do you do?  My name is Kay-Lee Hartford and I'd appreciate it if you would stop trying to upset my husband.  You've caused him enough problems by running off like a coward when people bore false witness against him.  Then he forgave you that when most men wouldn't and you haul off and did it again.  He really doesn't want to have anything to do with you so stop trying to instigate something to make yourself the center of attention."

She got ugly real fast.  "I don't suppose he told you he followed me to the flea market."

"We were there at the invitation of his grandfather to have a family get together.  It's a regular thing the Hartfords do.  Apparently a well-known thing they do that you had to know about considering how long the two of you were dating.  So why would you find it so out of the ordinary for him to be at the flea market is beyond me.  As for this unfortunate meet up, again his grandfather sent him with a list of things to get.  We've been over in Hightown all morning so how we were supposed to know you'd be at the tractor store of all places at this exact time just isn't logical."

I had continued to walk and finally got to Sawyer's side who was really angry but holding it in.  I continued, "Do you have any idea how difficult it is for Sawyer to even be polite to you when you make such nasty scenes and draw other people into it?  That's just terribly sad that a girl with your looks and your father's money would find it necessary to go so far out of her way to behave this immaturely."

"Now just one minute ..."

"Actually you don't have a minute.  You don't even have five seconds.  Sawyer is long done wasting time on you and I'm done wasting time as well.  If you regret your actions to Sawyer then fine, hopefully you've learned from your mistakes but it is too late.  Go find someone else only this time I'd suggest you learn what loyalty is.  You don't run out on a man just 'cause he's down.  That's just wrong."

I put my arm around Sawyer and it took a second but we started to walk away.  Lisa's brother wouldn't move and I thought there'd be a scene but the cop said, "Get out of the way before I cite you for trying to instigate a fight.  That goes for you other two as well.  I was sitting in my cruiser the whole time.  The guy walked over here to get away and you followed him and confronted him.  Bad move on your part."

The cop continued to talk to them while Sawyer and I got gone.  We were half way back to the others when he stopped me.  "Thanks."

"For what?"

"For taking my part.  I didn't know she was going to be at the flea market or the tractor store.  I swear I didn't."

"Of course you didn't.  No one with any sense would think that you did.  And speaking of sense, I know you've got more than to get involved again with someone that did you so wrong.  Like I said, just because she is sorry doesn't mean she gets to go back to the way things were.  You've moved on.  She's just going to have to learn to deal with that."

Right as we reached Linda I could hear Lisa's father snapping, "Just get in the car.  We'll discuss this when we get home."

Jeannie went "whew" under her breath but didn't say anything else.  Benedict stepped towards his cousin and asked, "You done in or can you go some more?"

"I'm fine.  Anyone else want to call it quits?"

No one did so it was decided to hit a couple of the pawnshops that the guys had wanted to go to.



  1. Thanks for the great story and the new chapter Kathy.