Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chapter 40

I was standing at the sink washing about the fifth load of jars when I realized something.  "Sawyer isn't tomorrow Sunday?  Don't your family usually go to church?"

He nodded looking over the receipts and everything from the day while he sat at the kitchen table.  "We would tomorrow too but they created a block in the main sewage line by those big pieces of equipment driving over the church's parking lot.  From what I hear the basement - where they have the little kids' classes - is a disgusting mess and the whole building smells.  The county is going to do a clean-up but of course not until Monday and it may take more than a week because they have to rip out flooring and all that kind of happy crap."

I groaned at the pun.  "That's gross."

"Yeah.  Hey ... did you really buy a dozen pairs of jeans?"

"Not all for me," I told him.  "Most of those are for you.  Some of them are good enough that you can wear them to nice places ... like church.  They just need pressing."

"Assuming they'll fit."

"They'll fit.  I took a tape measure of your favorite jeans and then used those measurements against each pair I was thinking of buying."

He scowled.  "That money was supposed to be for you.  Not for you to spend on me."

"I got what I needed," I told him while I concentrated on figuring out if something was stuck on a jar I was washing or if it was an imperfection.

I vaguely heard the kitchen chair scooting on the floor and then jumped about a mile when the jar was taking out of my hand.  "C'mere."

I asked Sawyer, "Uh oh ... what did I do wrong?"

"Not wrong ... well not wrong exactly."  After I sat with him he said, "Kay-Lee, I worked out the numbers for the budget.  I gave you money that I meant for you to spend on things you need.  If you spend it on me it throws the budget off."

"How?  I have been getting what I need and getting you stuff too.  That way you can save the money that doesn't get spent for something else that might wind up being necessary but not in the budget."

He sighed.  "Kay-Lee you had a back pack that morning we got married ... and that's it.  I've kinda looked over your stuff and you don't have any warm clothes and I know it is warming up and will be summer before you know it but an old school uniform is not going to cut it."

"Oh.  You mean I'm not thinking far enough ahead."


"Wellll ... I kinda am only I guess you don't see it.  See those clothes that were here?  I'm making over stuff as I have the time.  And please don't make that face because it is really fun and useful.  One of the reasons I went in shares with Linda on those boxes of laces, ribbons, yarn, and other junk is because I can take those supplies and use it to do what I want.  Some of the outfits might look a little retro but I like that stuff."

"What about a coat?"

"There were some nice ones and I bought some cedar smelly stuff at the clearance mall in that store that was just about closets.

He smiled.  "Cedar smelly stuff?"

"OK, so I think they are like sachets or something but you know what I mean.  I am still looking for a coat that I don't have to worry about getting dirty ... like your John Deer jacket only something that comes down further than my waist."

"And you haven't found anything like that yet?"

"Not yet but there are some fleece and wool blankets ... well, pieces of blankets anyway ... in the upstairs cedar closet and I can cut a jacket out of that and then line it with something.  If I can find one pre-made that I don't have to mess with I will but the other is just as good too."

"That's a lot of work Kay-Lee when you could just go buy one."

"Wrong time of year," I told him.  "Plus I used to help the people where ever I was living make presents for the other kids.  I've gotten pretty good at that sort of thing.  Bet you didn't even realize that shirt you're wearing is made over."

He looked down at the jersey he had on.  "It is?"

"Yep.  There was a sports jersey but someone had cut it up to make the edges raggedy.  Well, I cut the sports team logo and number and stuff and pieced it back together with a couple of other shirts.  Waa-laa!  It is the team you were cheering for the other night wasn't it?"

He smiled, "Yeah it was.  You almost done with those jars?  I don't know about you but I'm beat and I have to get up early."

"This is the last load."

"Good.  'Cause I wanna snuggle."

"Snuggle?" I said with a smile.

"Wellll ... it starts with a snuggle don't it?"

I blushed but had to admit that it did.  And as I finished up I marveled at what was happening in my life and I tried really hard not to worry about waking up.



  1. Great story Kathy Thanks

  2. You've done it again !!! Ahhhhhhh!! I'm hooked on another one......