Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chapter 44

"What else?"

"I think Buttface and Mason are trying to do a little CYA and said they are going to make a counter complaint about the windshield.  They say since I was making such a big deal out of it I was leaving them no choice only ... I'm not ... making a big deal out of it I mean.  If I had wanted the trouble I could have caused it but I've got higher priorities these days."

"How do you know all that?"

"They tried to start something when I drove Uncle Mark and Davis to the Bait & Tackle to pick up some thick sliced Bologna."

"What does Bologna have to do with fishing?" I asked almost afraid of the answer I was going to get.

"Bait & Tackle has a deli counter in the back and Uncle Mark wanted what Uncle Mark wanted and that's all he wanted so Gramps gave me the signal to get him out from underfoot.  You know how Uncle Mark is.  Well, Buttface's office is a couple of doors down from where we were and someone must have called and told him I was in the area."

"What does he do that he needs an office?"

"A lot of stuff.  His main business is wholesale ... parts and things like that ... but he dabbles in a bunch of stuff.  He used to do pretty well but the economy tanking has hurt him.  Don't get me wrong, Buttface and I, we don't see eye-to-eye on a bunch of stuff but I can't fault him for how he used to take care of Delly and their kids.  He set them up nice.  It's just ... well it isn't any of my business so I'll shut my mouth about it.  Lately though it seems he's let Mason run all over him and he wasn't like that before only now things are changing and ... like I said, none of mine."

"So did Delly's husband confront you or what?"

"Sorta.  He was out on the side walk talking loud enough about how something was wrong with me and that he was worried for Delly and his kids and just being his normal Buttface self.  I would have just ignored him but Davis couldn't keep his mouth shut and told everyone what had really happened.  Well Buttface tries to back track only Davis is like a dog on a scent and Uncle Mark and I are trying to head him off and just get back to the truck since we were done with the errand."

"Uh oh."

"Yeah.  Only we got lucky and an off-duty deputy had been watching and it just so happened to be one of those guys who came out that morning."

"Uh oh twice over."

"No.  Actually he set things straight and said that if Buttface really had a problem he should take it up legally but that he would have to do so with the understanding that a police report had already been filed on the original event and that Mason had already confessed to being in the area, in Delly's car that he "borrowed" with Buttface's say-so, and that he was found to be pretty well dog-chewed which also fell in line with the story we had given and that if Buttface had any other facts that countered what they found at the scene that perhaps he should come in for questioning.  Well that shut him up and gave other people something to talk about.  And then along comes Lisa and her mom coming out of the nail salon."

"Uh ... er ..."

"Nope had it right the first time ... uh oh.  You see, as smart as Lisa's dad is, her mom is a real ditz.  I know it isn't nice but it's the truth.  She walked right up to me and gave me a hug, started spouting all this stuff about forgiveness and I thought Lisa was going to blow a gasket or sink into the ground, one of the two."

"Wouldn't that be a good thing?  Forgiveness I mean ... not the part where Lisa blows up."

"Yeah, I guess it was and she is a nice woman but more trouble from Lisa's dad and brother I don't need.  I'm trying really hard to get shed of her - she's kinda touchy feely - and finally she asks me why I'm dancing around well then Uncle Mark has to stick his two cents in."

"Oh no."

"Oh yes.  He says, 'Cause the boy is married Natalie and I guess he's worried about having to explain why another woman was hugging on him.'  And then she says, 'Married?!  Oh I just gotta hear this.  Who is she?' and blah, blippety, blah.  Of course Uncle Mark can't wait to put me on the hot seat and pretty soon we have a crowd and you can bet next church service we're both going to be swamped with attention."

"Why would anyone care?  They didn't care when you were having such a hard time and they didn't care about Mr. Baffa needing help around this place and they sure as heck didn't act like I existed before?  Why are they suddenly going to start caring?"

"Because people are always looking for ways to distract themselves from their own personal misery.  They gotta get into other people's misery to make themselves feel better."

"Are you?"

"Am I what?"


"What?  Oh ... well ... that didn't come out very smart did it.  And the answer is definitely not.  It was just a saying."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

"What else happened?"

"Isn't that enough?"

"Well ... I mean ... you just made it sound like ... I suppose it was a hard day.  But if that was lunch what happened after lunch that has kept you so tied up in knots?"

Sawyer opened his mouth to answer me then stopped and leaned his head back.  "Me is what happened.  I was so stressed out all I could do was make dumb mistakes or get irritated at all the normal little crappy things that happen during a work day.  Davis wouldn't stop picking at me.  Uncle Mark kept lecturing.  Gramps' arthritis is bothering him and it made him ... well ... less than as sympathetic as I had expected him to be.  Then having to explain what happened to everyone that kept interrupting me from getting my work done.  It was doggone hot in that silo and there were enough rats in there that needed killing to make even the dogs get bored with their job and they love killing rats just about better than chasing the barn cats."

"That's a lot right?"

"You better believe it is and ... and ... well all I wanted to do was to tell everyone they could shove it and come home to you 'cause I know you are on my side.  You might not understand everything but you're absolutely on my side."

I wasn't quite sure how to take that but I could see he didn't need me asking whether he meant I was stupid or just didn't understand all the details and what they could mean ... a different kind of stupid.  And even though I don't know much about guys I do know that one bit of wisdom that old Mrs. Brinser imparted to me that has proven itself true is that they tend to chew on their own feet a lot by which she meant they are constantly putting their feet in their mouths.

Finally, when he seemed all give out with his story of his terrible day, I pushed myself off the floor and told him, "Well I can't change what happened but how about you go shower and I fix you a plate of dinner, cold glass of sweat tea, and you sit at the table and fix those rabbit ears so you can watch that sports whatever that you wanted to watch.  And when you are finished you can have a couple of slices of cherry or peach pie ... or one of each ... whichever you want."

"Give me a hand up?"  When I did though he rubbed all over me.  "Ooops.  Looks like I got you all dirty.  Now you need a shower too."

He smelled really bad and I was trying to find some enthusiasm but apparently he had enough for both of us both during the shower and afterwards.


  1. I'm sorry, I'm sorry ...
    I know it was just a typo but he was having Such a bad and she's going to give him "SWEAT tea"
    I know you meant SWEET tea but ...
    well, it just made me laugh and laugh ... and it has been a while since I've really laughed ...

    Thanks for all the updates and 2 days in a row really is a luxury.